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Enthusiastic About Innovative Solar Refrigeration Services in Kenya



  • Installation of air conditioners both domestic and commercial
  • Installation of VRF systems
  • Installation of cold room including mortuary stores
  • Chiller system installation
  • Installation of Ducting and ventilation equipment


  • After sales repair and service of all air conditioners
  • Fault diagnosis of mulfunction of air conditioners
  • Operational test of air conditioning system parameters
  • Duct cleaning and air quality test of ventilation system

Consultancy and design aid to our clients

The core of Aqueduct Controls & Engineering Systems is the trust we develop with our customers. On every encounter, we want to leave you with a lasting impression. We show you the other side of energy conservation and investing in true value.

In supplying high quality solar refrigeration and air conditioning equipment, we intend to make your life efficient. We have an excellent workmanship to cater to our customers’ needs. Our technicians handle all refrigeration and air conditioning and ventilation installation and maintenance. We provide mechanical ventilation systems for improved air quality and elimination of pollutants. Good air quality keeps respiratory issues away such as asthma and allergies. We help you improve your health standards.

With expertise in high level diagnostics of all our solar equipment, we can promptly solve technical problems. And restore your equipment to its perfect condition. Our services are all inclusive. Ours is about building relationships first and then working together to create value. We remain on-call 24 hours every day to cater to your emergencies.

Our product range includes solar fridges, freezers and air conditioning systems. You get reliable product warranties with every purchase. We do not just sell you equipment. We sell you a lifestyle. The solar lifestyle. Our customers include households, restaurants, supermarkets, and grocery shops. We maintain integrity and transparency in our interactions with our customers.
You can count on us wholeheartedly to offer you expertise in solar refrigeration and air conditioning. Get in touch with us for effective heating, ventilation, refrigeration and air conditioning solutions.
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