About us


Aqueduct Controls believes in providing service beyond the ordinary. That has always been our mantra. Since our inception in 2006, we have remained dedicated to transforming lives through the introduction of solar refrigeration and air conditioning.

Our speciality is in domestic and commercial refrigeration and air conditioning. Our number one priority is to add value to the lives of our customers. Through consistency in service delivery, we have created a niche among refrigeration experts in Kenya. What makes us tick is that we go above and beyond. We are not content in providing basic service. Rather, we proactively seek opportunities to serve our customers better.

At Aqueduct Controls, we have invested in enough manpower. Everything we do is inspired by our commitment to offering unrivalled products and service. This was the idea behind the decision to offer solar air conditioning in Kenya as well as refrigeration services.

Our long-term vision is to see households and businesses thriving because of our energy efficient solar solutions. The trickle effect is a better environment and more money in your pocket in the long term. And we are just happy to make a difference in big and small ways.


Full-service refrigeration company in Kenya

We are proud to partner with industry leaders including Hotpoint Appliances, Nyali Refrigeration and Air Conditioning and Recreate Electrical Industry. Working with prime suppliers means we can give our customers exceptional products. We top it up with outstanding service. And you get an overall company that you can always trust. Reach out to us and find energy efficient refrigeration and air conditioning solutions.