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Aqueduct Controls & Engineering Systems Ltd

We stand out in the refrigeration industry through our commitment to serve. From the beginning, we foresaw a need. The need for cost-effective heating, ventilation and air conditioning services. We sought an opportunity to introduce solar refrigeration in Kenya and in over 10 years, the growth has been remarkable. Both in our business and in the lives we have had the privilege to touch.

Our services have diversified but our focus remains the same. To provide quality refrigeration and air conditioning services. We are all about empowering you – our customer.
We want to show you that you can enjoy refrigeration and air conditioning services with a difference.
Our customers enjoy reliable and high performance equipment. We never want to let them down and so we always strive to surpass their expectations.

Setting the Pace as a Full-Service Refrigeration Company in Kenya

Solar power is a life saver. Our solar refrigeration and air conditioning systems and services saves you a great deal in the long term. You never have to worry about hefty electric bills. You literally are securing your future with our quality refrigeration and air conditioning services.

Our refrigeration and air conditioning equipment are designed for a long and efficient lifespan. Our success rides on a genuine and caring attitude towards our customers. Uncompromising on high level of service, we uphold professionalism at every turn.

At Aqueduct Controls, we sell you great equipment and peace of mind. We give you the finest in refrigeration products and related services. Talk to us today, and we will find the perfect refrigeration solutions for you.

Quality refrigeration and air conditioning services